Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we urge you to have a website for your business. Especially for eCommerce businesses, the existence of a website will help you achieve greater conversions and better results.

Performance marketing is about building relationships between your company and customers to optimize your reach, engagement, and conversion. Growing your sales and brand is a continuous process that you can expect to see its actual impact after three months.

This process is a well-organized one that starts with intensive initial situational & competitive analysis, followed by a one-month testing phase, and then ending with the actual implementation of the campaigns & performance marketing plan. Consequently, we ensure delivering the best value, increasing the ROI, and achieving the targeted KPIs for your business.

No, your credit card data is very confidential. We don’t require you to send your credit card data. Instead, we ask you to insert it on the ads management platform by yourself and we will guide you through this process. You and only you have full control over the credit card data.

It is very uncommon that we charge you extra fees. However, there are some situations when this is maybe the case such as: 

(1) You ask for extra work/services, 

(2) additional plug-ins are needed for your website,

(3) or the scope of work changes.

Once you select Rubix as your growth marketing partner, a well-structured process for your business will be followed. The process starts with research and situation analysis, then a media plan with the KPIs will be set. Afterward, gradually you will notice growth as we implement our performance marketing strategy.

Yes, you can. Although we cover mainly any service related to performance marketing, as listed here, we can recommend other service providers to support you with services like infographic videos, videography, product photography, and more.

Yes. Although we have some pre-set packages, we can craft a customized package for you based on your scope, the duration of the plan, and more.

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment plan that is worth the effort as it is an organic gateway for conversion, click here to know more. When you get this service, we urge you to stick to at least a six-month plan to see results. The duration required until the results are visible depends on your competition, your website’s history, your website structure, and a lot of other factors. 
No, we can create social media accounts for your business if you don’t have any.

No, we don’t require any of the above. Rubix has copywriters, content creators, and graphic designers to support that. However, with some niche markets or expert topics, we may need your guidance and/or some content to be provided from your side. We may also ask you to shoot videos as content material for our performance marketing campaigns.

Yes, ad copies are sales content whereas social media content calendars can cover various objectives.  At Rubix, we can offer you both, social media calendars and ad copies depending on your business needs.